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Finding Aid to the Dick Higgins collection


From Piano Album: Short Piano Pieces, 1962-1984
by Dick Higgins (New York: Printed Editions, 1980)

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County
The Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, Maryland 21250

Dick Higgins collection 1958-2002
Collection 43
Size of Collection: 17.5 linear feet linear feet
Accession numbers: MSS 1999.23
Records collected by: Dick Higgins

Short Description of Collection

The Dick Higgins collection showcases Higgins's influence on the Fluxus movement through his artwork and publishing house, Something Else Press. The Fluxus movement embraced Higgins's idea of "intermedia," the description of art that would "fall between" traditional separations of media and artforms, incorporating multiple or overlapping media in one piece. Higgins's embraced this idea and went on to create performance pieces such as Happenings and Danger Music; visual, concrete, and pattern poetry; mail art; prints and paintings; as well as his publication work through Something Else Press, all of which are represented in this collection. Donated from Dick Higgins's studio by his wife Alison Knowles, the collection focuses on Higgins, Something Else Press, and the wider Fluxus movement. Over 50 individual Fluxus artists are represented through published texts, limited edition prints, and sound collections.

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Art, Modern -- 20th century.
Happening (Art).
Concrete poetry.
Mail art.
Avant-garde (Music).
Fluxus (Group of artists).
Higgins, Dick, 1938-1998.
Knowles, Alison, 1933-
Friedman, Ken, 1949-
Kaprow, Allan.
Williams, Emmett.
Brecht, George.
Marciunas, George 1931-1978.
Cage, John.
Something Else Press.
Unpublished Editions (Firm).
Printed Editions (Firm).



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Dick Higgins collection

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